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Properties to Rent in Newcastle 2020-09-06 20:59 If you are looking for a spacious and cozy room to rent for the duration of the academic year, this is the great offer. I offer just such a room to rent for 9-10 months, except in summer. Room in 2-bedroom apartment. In the second room lives third-year student. The apartment is located near the attractive green areas - forests, landscaped park, so the area is ideal for walking during breaks from school. Besides housing near bus lines 115 and 120. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail. Accept Students; Furnished. Current promotions. Flat to rent in Newcastle. 1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle/ Glasgow
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1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle 2020-10-10 17:26 Single rich women Newcastle. Apartment for rent at an attractive price, away from the center, so peace and quiet are guaranteed. The apartment is located in a quiet area, inhabited by old people and peaceful families. Nobody does bother the others, living here is very pleasant. The price is so low due to the fact that I have to leave soon and I want to rent the apartment. If you are interested in renting an apartment for a long period, call me to discuss the details. If you are calm and resolute, feel free to contact. 2 rooms for rent far from centre. Derby Accept Students; Furnished. Properties to Rent in Newcastle 1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle.
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Current promotions 2022 2020-11-25 15:48 Two-bedroom apartment for rent for quiet and calm person, with no addictions, no pets. It must be a quiet person, due to the quiet neighbor who prefer silence. I care too, that they are people who don’t like conflicts. The apartment consists of two rooms, one is a balcony on the south side, so the room is very sunny. The second room is on the opposite side - perfect for a bedroom. Besides, equipped kitchen, bathroom with necessary appliances and a separate toilet. In the hall a large wardrobe. Kingston upon Hull Houses for rent in Newcastle from private Accept Students; Furnished

Flat to rent with a two bedroom apartment with a balcony offering views of the River Thames. The property benefits from wood laminate flooring in the living room, secure parking space and onsite concierge. Located within walking distance of South Quay DLR station.

1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle.

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1. 1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle.

1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle.

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4. 1 Bedroom Flats To Rent in Newcastle private

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1. Do you want to rent an apartment which is close to the center of the city? This apartment has also beautiful and large rooms – one bedroom and one day room with space for eating. In the kitchen you can find everything what you need – full equipped. The same is in bathroom. You will feel the comfort in this apartment and you will never change your place of living. This is the best for people who need much and want to feel full comfort every day. Are you like that? Feel free to contact me and know the details. Newcastle. 1 bedroom flat to rent Newcastle. The best price for rent a Flat in Newcastle Newcastle. We specialize in providing quality, great value accommodation in central Newcastle and the surrounding areas at the best prices. Glasgow
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2. 1 Bedroom Flats To Rent in Newcastle private. The best price for rent Rooms to rent in every city and town in United Kingdom. Rooms to rent for short term or long term. Rooms for students, rooms for tourists, rooms for workers, rooms for everybody. Discover amazing, unique accommodations. Travel rentals or rentals for inhabitants of the cities, in which are rooms for rent. If you are interested, then send us a message with the information which country you choose for room rental, then you will receive an answer with minimum over a dozen offers. Coventry The best price for rent a Flat in Newcastle

1 Bedroom Flats To Rent in Newcastle private